Enterprise Mobility Management 2012 - Aberdeen Group

Mobile Enterprise Magazine Special Report

State of the Enterprise Tablet Market - The New Age of Mobile Computing

The enterprise is experiencing massive changes as the major technology trends of cloud computing and tablets are intersecting to upset the balance of legacy computing environments.


Employees want to use tablets, which run on operating systems that are familiar to them, avoiding a support nightmare for IT when transitioning to a new technology. Tablets provide streamlined computing experiences with instant-on access to corporate data and services that cannot easily be delivered by PCs and smartphones.

In this report, we explore the state of the enterprise tablet market, including who is using them, what is driving this expansion, and where this market is going to have the greatest impact. The report includes:

  • The impact of BYOD on tablets.
  • Corporate demand for tablets.
  • Acceptance in the enterprise.
  • Use of tablets by roles.
  • Operating system trends, and much more.

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